Structural Balance

Using a unique and effective set of diagnostic tests developed hand in hand with our Myodetox physiotherapist team, we look at how your body is resting in relation to gravity, if it’s locked in certain positions, or if there are basic human movements that are posing challenges for you. It’s critical to assess and create proper structural balance before increasing weight loading and athletic movement.

Unilateral Strength

Training in unilateral (one-sided) strength movements helps to resolve side to side muscular imbalances, improve your form and coordination in both structured training and athletic movements, and create a strong and balanced midsection.

Functional and Natural Movement Patterns

Move how your body is supposed to move. The demands of the modern world forces your body into a narrow range of fixed positions that can create pain, dysfunction, and posture issues. By increasing the range of positions and challenging the limits of your current mobility with proper techniques and loading, you’ll improve your posture, movement patterns and strength capacity.