Alvin is an elite performance trainer and co-founder of Myodetox Performance Centre.

Alvin discovered his true passion for coaching and training during his experience as a Basketball Coach at Jarvis Collegiate Institute in Toronto. Determined to offer his future clients and teammates the most state-of-the-art training techniques available, he embarked on a mentorship program under the Strength and Conditioning team of the Toronto Raptors.

Alvin’s diverse sports background empowered him with complementary training techniques to offer his clients functional strength and conditioning, as well as sport-specific training. His rich background in basketball focuses on agility, core and stability, with his experience in football enabling focus on greater strength, power and speed. As such, he has been able to develop a suite of programs that cater to individual client needs, whether it is in-season muscle activation, off-season strength building or working to increase a vertical jump.

As a member of the broader Myodetox family, Alvin has studied the techniques of founder Vinh Pham whose knowledge has allowed him to incorporate the benefits of myofascia awareness and muscle activation techniques into his functional system of performance training.

Alvin is a strong believer in first building a client’s “foundation” in order to optimize strength and performance gains. He is committed to creating custom bespoke programs for clients offering an experience that meets their unique needs and preferences. But above all, Alvin embowers his clients and MPC members to “be better than yesterday” and to work together as one FITFAM to conquer the impossible and surpass personal goals.

Poliquin International Certification Program - Level II (PICP II)

Certified Functional Strength Coach - Level I (CFSC I)

Member of the CPTN