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MP [Stride]

With MP coach Kate Van Buskirk

Want to run faster? Run more efficiently? Have better form when you take off for that glorious run? Well this class is for you! Coach Kate Van Buskirk, who is an elite 1500m specialist for Team Canada, will take you through a course to help strengthen your lower body, improve form, and increase body awareness.

This class is built on a system which will include active isolated stretching, pre-run activation drills, stride optimization, interval training, and stretching/rehab/prehab education. The class will begin on our Myodetox Performance main floor and then transition to the outdoor running portion which will take you through a tour of the magical Portlands area. It won’t be long before you start pushing your personal best!

I AM DETERMINATION – #MPC is my playground. It’s the place where I feel safe to explore the limits of my body alongside like-minded people. We all come from different backgrounds, and we all have different reasons to come to MPC, but our passion for… read more.

— Aleks L.
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MP [Burn]

With MP coach Alvin Diaz

This 60-minute metabolic conditioning circuit that’s guaranteed to push your body to the limit. This high-intensity anaerobic workout exploits your large muscle groups with very specific timing intervals.

The duration and nature of the exercises are formatted to help turn your body into a calorie burning furnace. Not only will this help you ignite your calories but this training style will engage the afterburn effect, scientifically known as EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption) which means your metabolism will be ramped up for hours after your last set.

I AM UNSTOPPABLE – Life is full of adversity and for me, exercise is the best form of therapy. There is nothing more rewarding than coming to the gym, throwing down and cleansing your body of all the negativity. Training enhances my focus and sharpens… read more.

— Alejandro GS.